Pixie Earning App | Affiliate Marketing App


If you are intrested in online making money through app so this app Pixie Earning App | Affiliate Marketing App is very good for you to make huge money online in pakistan and all our the worlds. if you want to register in pixie app so simply first download the app and start signup with email and complete all the steps like name username passwords etc.

Pixie Earning App | Affiliate Marketing App

Pixie Earning App | Affiliate Marketing App

Because Pixie App Earn Money Online is a new, legitimate online earning app in the Play Store that offers various ways to make money, it is recommended that anyone looking for online earning without investment start there.

Within no less than seven days of your posts—excluding reposts and likes—the Pixie you found will get rewarded. The final PIX can be cashed out whenever you like to your location (Metamask, CEX address .and so forth).

Determine how to procure PIX:

To lead social exercises inside Pixie, clients need a Smaller Expected Camera. Little Camera is temporarily available in the Pixie Application for free.

The Authority NFT Store in the Pixie Application always has Section Cameras for sale.

If you purchase a small camera, you can access your four cameras by pressing the energy button in the upper-right corner of the application (as seen below).


Energy Cap, Weight, Speed, and Vote are metrics that contrast various privileges.

To see the guidelines for the Privileges, go here.

Videos may receive 20% more PIX per post than images.

Type “Moving” to earn more PIX (100 per cent increment).

More PIX will be obtained by transferring the specifics of your Ethereum NFT resources (200 rate increment).

Make sure to connect your wallet to cryptocurrency, move your NFT instantly, and move them with a single button click!

Not Virtuoso Camera To Acquire Additional Pixie:

Purchasing NFT Beginning Cameras is best if you want to support your privileges (Weight, Energy Cap Vote, and Speed). Beginner’s cameras can be purchased via the NFT’s official NFT Store in the Pixie application if they are available.

Starting Cameras

You must have enough PIX support in your PIX wallet (as described below) or enough ETH in your cryptocurrency wallet, such as Metamask, to purchase the Beginning Camera.

You can use your NFT wallet to manage your camera hardware whenever you want (change accessories or sell cameras).

Logging into Web3 and Ethereum Nft Post both

Pixie allows you to log in with your email address or cryptocurrency wallet (Metamask, Trust and Rainbow). If you log in using your email intriguingly, you can add your cryptocurrency wallet to the Pixie Application.

Withdrawals In Pixie

Here in pixie app have lot of methods for cashout like crypto, metawallets and as well as payeer and have also many more methods for withdrawals if you are intrested then online earning in this app for free without any apps.

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Your Ethereum NFTs will automatically appear in your NFT account (seen below) once you’ve linked your digital wallet to your crypto wallet. By squeezing a symbol, you can either present them on your NFT wallet or convert one of them into a character.


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