Telenor Free Internet Code 2023


Are you listen about Telenor Free Internet Code 2023, than don,t worry here you will learn about free internet on telenor sim. everyone who have  telenor sim than read post carefully. also i will tell you a new free internet code on telenor sim wihout balance.

Telenor Free Internet Code 2023

Now i will tell you the exact code of telenor sim.  one of the free internet code also launch before a month, and now once again starting new free internet for users for three months. if you have a telenor sim and exited for this than dial this code on dial pad.

  • Dial= *345*40#
  • Validity = 3 months
  • Without balance

Free internet application

This astonishing technique is for Telenor customers. The My Telenor app must be downloaded from the Play Store in order to take advantage of this deal. You will receive a 1GB of free internet after downloading the My Telenor app, to start.

To take advantage of this offer of more free internet, first erase all the data on this app. When you open this app, two options will be visible on your screen. You can choose the Telenor Customer option to receive a free Telenor with Telenor and free internet service from Telenor.

Free VPN internet 2023

This is a quick and easy way for Telenor users to take advantage of a free internet promotion.
You take the following actions to achieve this:

Visit the play store.
Download the Sky VPN software from the Play Store.
Install Sky VPN after that.
then launch the VPN client.
You will choose the United States when you launch the VPN app.
You can then take advantage of Telenor’s free internet offer.

Just Dial And Get Free Internet

To take advantage of the Telenor Unlimited Free Offer, dial *345*75#. You can also try this code: *345*88#.
To access the free 500mbs internet with a ten-day validity period, dial *5*700#.

Just phone *331# or *5*325# to take advantage of the free WhatsApp and free Facebook offers, or you’ll accept the 1 Gb of free internet offered exclusively on Facebook and free Whatsapp.
Dial *345*7777#, *345*818#, or *345*991# to take advantage of the free Telenor net offer.
Additionally, you can enter the code *991# or *345*546#.
You may get 2GB of free internet by dialling *345*1004# or *345*477#, and 2GB will be added to your account.
Free internet proxy 2022 Telenor
Here, we’ll demonstrate how to use a free proxy to access the internet for nothing.

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To begin with, you must download the UC downloader in order to use this method.

The proxy setting should then be made as indicated below:

APN: Internet Port: 80 Proxy:
After setting up your proxy, you launch your UC browser and take advantage of the free internet offer.

Telenor Free Internet Code 2023

Customers of Telenor can take advantage of free Telenor unlimited net offerings through a variety of innovative methods. You can take use of the free internet tactics mentioned in this post if you use Telenor. Via downloading numerous programmes, such as Sky VPN, My Telenor, and Easy Paisa, which we have covered in depth by the proxy configuration, we may take advantage of the free Telenor limitless offers.

These codes are all 100% functional. If you wish to utilise free internet on your Telenor SIM, you must try these codes.

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