Play Ans Win Earn Money Online


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Play Ans Win Earn Money Online

Numbase SAL Offshore is the creator of Play and Win (Package Name:, which was updated on September 5, 2022, with version 3.75 of Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes. Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes fall under the Trivia genre. On Android, 73 apps are similar to Play and Win-Win Cash Prizes, and all of the developer’s other apps may be found here.

Play Ans Win Earn Money Online

About App:

A free game with two different game types is called Play and Win. The first mode tests your knowledge as you attempt to correctly answer trivia questions in order to earn points. However, your main goal is to answer as many questions as you can before time runs out in order to climb the leaderboard.

This software is now free. On or Google Play, Android 5.0+ users can get this app. All APK/XAPK downloads available here are 100% secure and original and download quickly.
An hourly new game!
Test your knowledge by responding to trivia questions to get the most points and the excitement of cash prizes!
Thousands of questions spanning every topic, including general knowledge, sports, culture, movies, and technology.

Are This app is Legit or Fake Check Public reviews:

No1: Negative Review

I read a review before downloading the game that said there was a 24-hour wait time if you won, and I thought that was reasonable, but now that I’ve won, it says two days, but there’s a timer for two days and 23 hours. As a result, what I initially thought would be a fun cash-out game in 10 days will actually be a tedious process that takes a month.

There is a way to shorten the wait time to just 24 hours, but doing so requires you to record yourself and share the video, so they should just let you play again straight away. Since there is little storage capacity on iOS, having an app that you can only use for its intended purpose every THREE DAYS is unpleasant. Play Ans Win Earn Money Online.

The wait time is also terrible. The trivia questions are entertaining, and you might learn something, but there is just so much wasted space for the days that you won’t be able to use it.


I will play till I possibly make a profit, and then I’ll uninstall the app. I downloaded it for every three days, and it’s awful. Additionally, there’s no option to view any actual statistics on the leaderboard, and when asked in another review, the developer claimed that it was done for safety reasons, which smacked of scapegoating and provided no real justification. Sincerely speaking, I believe that this may be a fraud, but I’m going to give it a thirty-day shot and try to cash out.

No2: Positive Review

This trivia game, out of all the ones I’ve tried with real-world prizes, is the most equitable to all players. Yes, you frequently see the same players winning the games, but this is likely due to their exceptional trivia knowledge. Unlike in other trivia games, there aren’t any power-ups or methods that can be used to win at the very last second.

Everyone must complete the 50 questions within the allotted time to qualify. The time is fixed and the same for everyone—the contestant who scores the highest wins. The topics are varied, and the questions are challenging without being impossible. Everything is simple to discover and understand because of the neat UI. Well done!

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