Zindagi App Download Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing


Are you know about Zindagi App Download Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing . so this a app available in play store as well as in iphone. if you have a social accounts such a facebook and instagram and whatsapp etc then you share a affiliate link of zindagi app to earn more money online.

Zindagi App Download Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

Powered by a commercial bank in Pakistan, The “digital experience” offered by JS Bank, Zindagi promises expenditure notifications, simple cash flows, stress-free travel, and support from actual people inside the app.

The software, accessible to iOS and Android users, has opened in 13 Pakistani towns and already has thousands of signups.

The software enables users to make online and offline purchases, access the stock market, get foreign payments without fees, and personalize the homepage with drag-and-drop widgets.

Additionally, Zindagi allows customers to block or unblock cards, establish spending caps, and manage their cards.

Debit cards, bank transfers, Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) remittance transfers, and utilizing a mobile phone number are all ways that users can send and receive money. The app also enables users to send money requests.

Noman Azhar, the chief digital officer of Zindagi, claims that there are numerous banks in the nation “but not many banking experiences.”

“Zindagi is all about customers,” Azhar continues. We’ll pay close attention to what customers want and put in a lot of effort to deliver it.

Want to try Zindigi on your Android device? You’re in the proper location! Directly download the Zindagi apk to your smartphone and use this fantastic app. You can now share your thoughts about this game/app on the Ns News Website. It has a rating of 3.72. This document was last recently updated on August 23, 2022.

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Please forward this to your gaming buddies and sign up! According to Google Market, there have been 1000000–2191638 downloads. Need more information? Please ensure that your device has enough space because the file size is unknown. This excellent technique to get the 5.0 version of the application doesn’t require any surveys or payments because doing so would violate the terms of service of the app’s creator, JS Bank Limited. Instead, Ns news site offers a well-liked and legal alternative.

Zindagi App Download Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

Zindagi App

Ready for a new adventure? Do not hesitate—Zindigi  is waiting for you and your talent! You must test if you enjoy this application because the film genre is Finance. The software is designed for everyone. However, occasionally parental controls prevent you from playing certain apps and games from the Google Playstore.

This game’s current version is 1.0.16, but it might have changed by now. Installing Zindigi on Android is highly recommended; it is free and secure. The cost? Although the game is free, you may locate direct download buttons by visiting the most well-liked Android stores.

Zindagi is made to accommodate all of your requirements and is intended to provide you access to all of the features that will simplify your life. Spend online and offline money, participate in trade, get free international payments, and customize your app themes — this is more than just another app; it represents a better way of life and a new Zindagi.

Instant spending notifications, simple cash flow, stress-free travel, and help from real people are all included with your Zindigi account. So why are you still waiting? Create an account right now in a few minutes.

App Features

Create your first independent application.

The first mobile app in the world that enables you to drag and drop widgets to build your home page quickly. Customization to the point where you can control the security of your app by turning on two-factor or even three-factor authentications from the app itself. Additionally, you may click to change the colour of your app.

Remit Bills:

Without waiting in line, pay your bills on time. You may pay your bills online for energy, gas, telephone, internet, water, government taxes, and more in three easy steps.

Zindagi App Download Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

Currency Exchange:

Send money quickly and easily in 3 steps. You can transfer funds using the Zindigi app to any bank account, Zindagi account, CNIC, cellphone number, and even WhatsApp! Free, quick, and secure money transfers to your JazzCash, JS Bank, UBL, or Meezan accounts.

With a design ethos centred around simplifying people’s lives, Zindagi is aimed at millennials and Gen Z and is available for Android and iOS users. Zindagi gives customers access to all financial services, from funds transfer to international remittances, along with all forms of local and international payments, thanks to the complete product suite on the market and an intuitive interface. Additionally, Zindagi presents first-in-the-industry use cases like digital stock and mutual fund investing.

Affiliate Marketing of Zindagi App

Here in this app you have get a good affiliate earning. so if you want to earn money through affiliate marketing so start from whatsapp and facebook messenger. if you invite one friend then get 50 pkr can get if you to earn more extra money then you invites more peoples through your own link.

Noman Azhar, chief digital officer and head of Zindagi, said, “This country has many banks but not many banking experiences.” Added, “Customers are the most important thing to Zindigi; we will evolve and grow together while always remaining committed to them. We’ll pay closer attention to what they say and put in extra effort to meet their expectations.”

Future innovation and growth will be fueled by the frequent release of more inventive solutions from Team Zindagi and the development of a more cooperative relationship with users.


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